Book – The New Human Rights: Let’s create a civilisation of stars

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The New Human Rights: Let’s create a civilisation of stars

Since 1996, the author has observed that all people who have found their life purpose through his trainings and the books that he has written on the subject, accessed physical, mental, social and also financial optimal health?

That’s why in this book he proposes each human being to access their life purpose as a right!

Employed on a collective scale, these new rights engender a global dynamic for the evolution and the sustainability of our society.

The Human Rights proposed up until now are founded upon protectionism and even sometimes over-assistance and
therefore they didn’t lead to the responsibility or autonomy, and so to the full blossoming, of the people and of the
This book puts into your hands eight new human rights, eight new paradigms to cultivate, like eight seeds, that reveal the
talent and usefulness of each person, in order to birth a new civilisation of stars.

Together, it’s possible!
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